Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Reading Ages

While talking to a fellow twitter today katrina who is a Australian Children's Author and I asked her she had thought about writing for other ages apart from small children. This chat then turned into what books as a Adult we read.

Both of us discovered we love reading books that go across a wide range of ages, even though I'm 40 years old I still love reading the occasionally YA (Young Adult) books like Nancy Drew, Trixie Belden, The Three Investigators, The Hardy Boys, as well as YA books written by Rebecca Sparrow Nick Earls kate Hunter

Why do I like reading YA books for me I love escaping back into my childhood every now & then plus if the book is by my favourite author then I'll read everything they write no matter what age they write for.

As a teenager I remember the local librarian use to let me start reading from the adult section of the library and some of the Adult books I started reading were Charlies Angels series, Can Stephine Come Out To Play, Who Killed Mr Griffin? as well as being able to finally get my hands on true crime books which I still love even these days.

Tell me what kind of books you love reading as a adult and why?